Dust kisses your feet and determines your will to journey  There isn’t a path in sight but urges you to move ahead with belief That soft massage on the soles somehow rejuvenates the feet Meanwhile, the eyes have wandered and surveyed the surroundings A heart prays in silence to seek permission from the soul Wind unsettles the dust and magically creates a trail through time … Continue reading Journey

While Walking Silently

Walking patiently among the confusion that persists for long Allowing not the multitude of sounds to distract the meditation Accepting the greetings of solemn faces without being perturbed A rivulet within is wishing to soften the dry surfaces of struggle Being alive to the desires and enjoyment from spirit of life The roots will be strengthened and branches won’t be bare Listening keenly to the … Continue reading While Walking Silently

Walking the Winter Nights

Winter nights unleashes a challenge for the soul. Winter says, “I have come here to stay. Dare you to explore the winter night and stay awake, till dawn clears the fog.” The daredevil heart decides to accept the challenge and walk the city streets through the night. Without a care in the world, the vagabond, oblivious of sleep and comfort of the warm bed, decides … Continue reading Walking the Winter Nights