Unrestrained spirit of the mind, it seeks without the permission of a slumberous time Wandering across eternal expanse; enjoying the cosmic rhythm and secret colours of universe Focussing on numerous esoteric images floating around in ecstasy with an energy divine Stunning display of spirit dances from worlds unknown defies the constraints and earthly squabbles Although transient, the spirit gathers the forces to spiral across many … Continue reading Unrestrained

A Ploy

It’s a ploy of the night to seek out solitary souls When wandering by the day has not been pleasant A gentle nudge by the moon to initiate a dialogue Rejected by the busyness, it’s time to talk passionately Transformation of dark carves a comforting abode Walking aimlessly through passage of eternity Secrets to be shared enthusiastically with stars While some may disintegrate into nothingness … Continue reading A Ploy


Acts of Silence acquire a more pronounced fate Manifested, as Time unfolds the fate of bud in due realisation Death does not have influence over deific influence Childlike emotions seek only those moments to cherish life None determines the vocation of a seeker or indulgence Aspirations of making uncomfortable choices are obsolete New ideals are chosen from the new circumstances A wanderer is never complacent … Continue reading Preparing

As you Wander

Everyone who wanders is not a seeker Assimilate the beauty to welcome the world From your small haven, experience the world Inhale the air blended with many aromas Every pore filled with the beauty of the world Awaken the universe that you are Let the mind wander to explore the unknown Deeply rooted, your branches go beyond horizons Embracing the world graciously Only the enlightened traveler … Continue reading As you Wander

Eternal Feelings

The eternal firmament bears a cerulean hue Where emerald wilderness blends into the horizon The night’s silent tears glistening in the morning light Morning traveler pauses to let the eyes wander Trying to listen to the soft murmurs of the trees Heavenly hymns enthrall the soul of the wanderer This is the manifestation of the immortal space A drink from Hebe’s Cup to taste eternal … Continue reading Eternal Feelings