Off Course

Where those thoughts wander one may not be able to imagine They may be errant, but not erratic in the pursuit of something Sighs of the world so busy and your favourite distractions Unemotional skies stare at the dreary landscapes filled with objects There are no natural mirrors anymore across thirsty times Wandering take you far; away from the immoral curiosities It is easy to … Continue reading Off Course


Tiring, the movement from one imagination to another Transforming visage of a poetic journey- enthralled by the images A mind does not seek destinations, but the freedom to think Beyond these troublesome realities; feel like a child, like an eternity Believes in the wandering and wondering about the realisations There’s no time for slumber, and tiredness wearies itself instead Thou shalt seek through the eyes … Continue reading Imaginations


Let the poet stroll along with mysteriousness Only some gentle light and allow the eyes to read Enamored with the unspoken narratives There may be doubts about their existence Nonetheless, the wandering isn’t going to stop From the azure and green will one day be revealed Mysteries cradled for long by forgotten spaces Dreamers are they who wish to choose solitariness In difficult times when … Continue reading Mysterious

Enchanted Forests

Here is a poetry collaboration with Kim She commented on one of my poems and these lines just flowed. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Forests are nurtured from antiquity Stands tall like a fortress guarding the secrets Whispers of wind sound melodious, before they are lost magically Sun and Moon do not find passage The roads are created by instincts A Forests, the final frontiers, … Continue reading Enchanted Forests

Wandering for Happiness

Wanderers searched for a happy place Imagining to sculpt from the dreams we seek Everyone looked to breach the rampart  Seeking freedom and happiness in new valleys Every landscape was transformed by our dreams Happiness still was short-lived Our steps trampled over virgin lands and forests Too many melodies were composed Finally, discordant notes destroyed the original tune Harmony was altered forever Numerous echoes within went unheard … Continue reading Wandering for Happiness

Solitary Wanderings

Sublime dreams of mystical wanderings Thoughts that are considered delirious A soul propelled through the spiraling consciousness Away from the blanket thoughts of mundane ramblings Aimless and an idle soul respects the timeless fervor Silence means a world swathed in eternal light of truth There are moments of euphoric feeling on oneness Adopted by the entire universe as its own being Feeling alive with the … Continue reading Solitary Wanderings