Drops of Water

Drops of water somersaulting from the ledge Playfulness reflects from their sheer enthusiasm Landing on the ground and getting lost in the crowd Cohesively creating a miniature pool to reflect life Infrequently visited alley gives a hint of glimmer Freshly soaked building walls emote through crevices Blemishes, cracks, and chipped edges feel refreshed The acrobatics of water drops continues to amuse From the other side of … Continue reading Drops of Water


Water flows directionless Changes its course Ineffably happy soul Writes the fate of life No terrain can deter The waterways to create a surge Sparkling clarity of thought Flows unfazed through obstacles Realizes its ambition through patience Water manifests life’s ideology Unequivocally flows within us The entire existence is our world© Continue reading Water

Truant Rains

When nature holds back The tears of joy And reign in the happiness Earth’s siblings are alienated From the lively showers Parched souls wait eagerly For some miracle Before hopes run dry Waiting for clouds to gather And creating magic Rainfall cascading in abundance Bringing abundant happiness Don’t hold back the joy Let the raindrops fall again And the souls can taste life, again © Continue reading Truant Rains