Hypotheses and Reality

The hypotheses of ignorance against the crude reality of extreme devastation of consciousness that couldn’t care less about the plight of knowledge suffering from apathy and willful erosion. Careless cannot be the usual narrative and escape route for those who hold power and are more interested in its abuse. Every little plot is conceived in the Mephistophelian world. You know, it’s a deal of a … Continue reading Hypotheses and Reality


When feelings are forced to travel through compromised helixes Sending subliminal coded messages to be a reclusive bon vivant   Crawling and maneuvering with ludicrous contortions of original ethos Incessant buzz of designed wings gives a sense of freedom  Compromised lives are breached by the parasitic ideas to feed on  Incapacitates the mind to blunt the effectiveness of neurons Appendages distort the symmetry of codes and flaws are … Continue reading Perplexing