Undue reverence pays its dues through extravagant imitations There are limitations when intimidated by glossy narrations Chances do not take chances anymore Ignoble representations blossom into caricatures Those imitations are chosen by some sketchy perspectives Objectification and then conjugation of tragic presentations Intimidated by imitations causes limitations is such situations The medium of expression becomes vulgar and one-dimensional Atrocious parodies cannot be embellished with drama ~Amitav Advertisements Continue reading Imitations


We are actively trying to conform, to learn what is being taught, to impress those who wish to listen to their narratives being reinforced one sentence and theories at a time. After giving up the intentions of understanding what we desire to learn from uninfluenced sources of the universe. Failing to grasp the nature of learning and understanding weaken the prospects to be free. Free from the ideologies and isms of life that have been pressing on the conscience for … Continue reading Excluding

In Haste we Forget

In the banality of busyness, the crisp words melt away without a trace Only some aftertaste of repentance; a morning feels feverish in surrounding cold Willingly becoming an unwilling partner to the race that holds our hands roughly The wrists feel the pain, while the sore feet finds this experience rather tedious Easier leaving compared to the decisions a heart has to make while entering an … Continue reading In Haste we Forget


When one does not have the courage to read the truth How can one dream of experiencing it? It’s true, the truth is scathing and unabashed about disrupting the misdoings Misguided life may cruise through the empty labyrinths of unfettered beliefs Words stare menacingly at the attempts being made to construct lies Flagellated tongue can barely utter the sentiments without faltering But scathing nonetheless, they … Continue reading Courage

The Chaotic Moments

You cannot define eternity with fragile words They disintegrate because of wanton thoughts Winds sweep them away further into abysses How such thoughts go away prematurely Even before the heart can fathom their prayer For darkness is lit by another darkness Cursed flames and infernal episode of destruction Only possible light hinders vision of the mind Chaotic tongue becomes talkative like the devil ~Amitav Continue reading The Chaotic Moments


Do reasons speak when the mind is impaled by jagged thoughts There’s no reason to choose them and torment the mind From dawn to dusk the painful experience flusters reasoning Faltering language speaks in dichotomous tone  When seeking serenity, the heart is hesitant of approaching any other All other dimensions obliterated from the annals of existence Mechanical speaks are trained by manipulative algorithms An entire ecosystem … Continue reading Reasons

Taken Over

Things embraced by the arms fall prey to the clasped palms Turning them into dust and returning them somewhere Where they stand in a heap in some abandoned land Withered things do not fascinate or inspire the feelings to care Raven night forms a cluster of thoughts foretelling the health of dawn Bruised hearts do not heal because of a pale sun Fiery grounds yield … Continue reading Taken Over

Pale Evening

Pale evening and uninspiring reading Frail words look bleached and uncovered Staring stupidly at those curious eyes Chin pressed against the knees, its time to ponder Staring at their unbelievable features Grimacing emotions feel claustrophobic The bare walls keep watching like sentinels Curiously searching for inspiration Seeking freedom from invisible burdens Dark corners do not bend anymore Ti’s time to defeat the dark forces of nature … Continue reading Pale Evening