Indecent Influence

Upon whose influence do you import those ideas? Without even communing with the necessary voices Roam the streets; the ones deserted by fashionable ideas Where there is penury, but traces of honesty too Moist eyes know, the grubby hands won’t be filled with wealth Mornings are mourned amidst the hunger pangs In contrast, dumb streets are lit up with offensive affluence Lazy morning, rather luxurious … Continue reading Indecent Influence

Dreams Matter

Dreams; supposed to be comfortable but also exciting enough To keep awake the protagonist, who is eagerly waiting for sleep Are they completely his to acquire? No infringement whatsoever Without battling any claims from anyone or indisputable If there aren’t any accusations of a Faustian deal, it’s commendable  Without invoking the legacy of Hades; the uneasy appeasement Wealth paraded naked as eyes glisten with aroused … Continue reading Dreams Matter

True Wealth

Relinquishing the divine wealth We, a forward race, want to accumulate The kind of wealth akin to confusion Rummaging through life to acquire more Lofty spirits, now crawling through disarray Fortune’s grace illuminates the world no more Drooping souls with inconscient dreams march ahead Brightness of purity has given way to unnatural light Impulse gives credence to trample the true wealth Nothing’s awake anymore, just unrealistic … Continue reading True Wealth