They Face the Wrath

Clothes were forgotten to the darkness Washed clean of their worries But exposed to the inclement weather Rains thrash them- a lifeless anger Of soaked helplessness; it is nature’s fury Pegs try to control them Weakened by the onslaught Miserable clothes feel it is unreasonable Ironing out differences and crumples is a myth Yet, tasked to warm the frosty soul Woes shrivel- resemble a forlorn … Continue reading They Face the Wrath

The Crucible

Few drops or rain fills the crucible Torrential rains caused it to overflow Belligerently lashing at it with thousand whips Crucible can’t keep steady for long It loses balance and tilts over in exhaustion Emptying itself of all the collected rain Cracks appear and soul seep through them Few drops of rain nurtures life In excess, it inundates and uproots life Beleaguered crucible ends the journey … Continue reading The Crucible

Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon

Nature’s segregated-between real and unreal Duality of characteristic casts a concerning shadow One holds the ancient values,  The other a bio-engineering rebel So many predictions go haywire; their unpredictability Creates an ethical tussle between old and new The wind conspires with the original species Not the ones adorned with fortified nutrients Evoking a new plan to find common ground is entangled Indecisive Nature reflects the … Continue reading Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon