On the deserted land, barren and shamed, hoping for the return of pulsation Ears on the ground sometimes, looking East, days collapse on the West’s tired cradle Hopeful of the night, fewer stars, a confused and tired soul wishes a clearer sky Dense consciousness, lonelier stillness, closed eyes and prayers in the heart Waiting to reconnect, retrace the paths forgotten over time, historical blunders Passages … Continue reading Pitter-patter

Stopped Clocks

The creaks from the cracks, cacophony of creatures of darkness Probably, devouring something after luring them with the seductive light Here, stopped clocks devour time, and silence’s gluttony is quite alarming Pleasures of pain, of human ordeals; grouchy pages consume emotions Words without meanings strung in an alluring way to fashion nakedness Vacuously blithesome, there’s revelry and partying of the wildest nature Stoic clock watches … Continue reading Stopped Clocks

Disappearing Sky

When the sky is soft and blushing with joy Pensive eyes think of the approaching darkness Not willing to retire just yet, there’s much more to contemplate Trying to hold back the twilight hour in a pleading voice Melancholic voice reverberates through the landscape Wind carries the gloomy weight of a solitary soul Sun wishes to recline after a hectic day, but rising trepidations are … Continue reading Disappearing Sky

Subtle Imagery of Life

When you express the subtle imagery of life An awakening that allows you to wander The heart being aware of the dulcet tunes Matching footsteps with nature’s playfulness The flirtatious wind plays with your hair Radiance of the sunlight illuminates the soul The subtle moments breathe with exuberance As a traveler, you are on the meandering path Bending here and there for a stopover To … Continue reading Subtle Imagery of Life

Nature’s Playfulness

When clouds part ways  To let the rays of light pass Revealing another dimension Mood of the day transforms Rays of light tickling the clouds Sun smiling with mischief It’s time for clouds to retire Hide-n-seek, play of light and shade Light sprinkles the earth with warmth Clouds may return another day To float like phantom messengers Quench the thirst of eager earth With the … Continue reading Nature’s Playfulness