Vindictive love dreams of a different constellation  Walks tiptoed across the branches frail and wily Mesmerising eyes hold secrets vaulted through ages The hollow corridors and emotions echo such stories Etched on the pillars names forgotten by time Dawn seems to be night; of nebulous feelings painted So many stars and untimely obscurity spell sorcery  All that love is, being obliterated by such feelings Heart … Continue reading Obscurity


Frightened bones barely hold on to the coiled body Darkness has profound role while carving out a silhouette Pillows filled with woes do not provide an expected rest Imageries of a blithesome world carry deeply flawed philosophy Lusty physical state usurps the metaphysical bliss Tattered relationships hold on to feeble threads of hope Thou have mourned the ruins in heavily echoing words Forgotten follies prompted … Continue reading Disheartening

The Vessel

Every day, unmindfully filling the vessel Gathering what seems right for the soul Few things needless and fill the space with woes Where we tread determines what we gather Gathering negativity will scar the vessel walls Making it weak and vulnerable to cracks For positive things may seep out quietly to escape The vessel, filled with undesirable things Transforms into a useless piece of artifact … Continue reading The Vessel