Culture of words, their excursions through meandering terrains have taken them toward urban dwellings With them, the emotions feel exhausted and unsettled; adjusting among the jostles isn’t easy For, they wish for peaceful environs and the freedom to introspect without contempt of busyness Among these caricatures and mockery, it’s difficult to maintain that pristine creativity Let the emotions distillate and settle in an unknown depth … Continue reading Culture

Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Scribbled in anonymity The words adorn a cubby-hole They may appear small Rather insignificant Encompasses the world Observing the humankind Their stories Gather here for solace To find some reprieve Or, a mention Here, the pen is sacred Words revered Voicing concerns Opinions of the powerful Drown genuine echoes Essential lies Buoy the world of power Once embraced  Oddities become natural Perverse grandeur  Fluid existence … Continue reading Some Scribbling and Sensibilities

Misplaced Words

How often the words are replaced to leave a sighing gap All, for the superficial conversations that emerge winner Undeserving lines stealthily violate the honest sentiments Consequences can be of any nature amidst unnatural languages Hunger to be right satiate the heart that seeks dominance Arguments decimate the sanctity of truthful communication Conscience becomes an uneasy spectator of wilful dereliction It’s a failure that life … Continue reading Misplaced Words

Future Times

Words that crawl insignificantly due to lack of space Rhetoric fueled by magnificently crafted dry sentiments Cinders glow with false brilliance; there is more to communication Abbreviated choices cannot yield the true fate Pen turns away from repulsive ink Prefers to be dry and sit there in pensive state Let the blank pages ruminate about nature’s gift The burrows can hide the words to metamorphose Dormant … Continue reading Future Times

With Words 

Spin those words after they have been freed from knots Straighten and feel their sentiments for long There is eternity to create beautiful work of art Even the saddest moments are comforted by words  Perfectly blended emotions mature with time Joyous moments do not lack enthusiasm with honest words Let them breathe and experience life through fine language  Vision life and pair them appropriately with … Continue reading With Words 

Dimmed Lights 

Dimmed lights and blurry vision Mind rushes over those words to skip the sentiments Ruffled words harassed incessantly with superficiality  There are no plausible explanations for this haste  Philosophical discourses retire early in this commotion  Rarely, communications hold any seriousness Searching for that elusive moment when light can be welcomed  A simple crack in the fortified walls can allow new perspectives -Amitav  Continue reading Dimmed Lights