Dislike for nature’s colour  Every season has a reason All life reflect their soul Colour’s never indecent Universes’ consciousness Yet, there’s preference Eyes discriminate them Does the soul too? Inclinations aren’t natural Colour is beautiful Life’s eternal clues in hues Glass prisms and kaleidoscope Distorts the spectrum Unaware of the soul of colours Life’s existence is vibrant Even darkness’s theme is magic Esoteric colours flow … Continue reading Colours

Brilliance of Morning

The swaying trees Like Nature’s quill Tickling the morning Brightens the mellow dawn Rapture of brilliance Illuminating the sky Morning’s crimson blush Comes with a promise Of gaiety and hope Wake up to the morn Celebrate the moment Drown in ecstatic colors© Continue reading Brilliance of Morning

The Colors and Narrative

If the canvas did not love the colors Did not offer to blend Leaving patches of crusty lumps Smudges of colors flaking off A painting it was to be Will reveal the cracks and weak bonds An idea from the soul Should cohesively unite with harmony Paintings with words and colors Vivid images of the truthfulness of dreams Portraying the blend of love Every pore filled … Continue reading The Colors and Narrative

Art with Words

Every word is a bright blend of colors Mixed with different emotions Every sentence a colorful pattern More vivid colors come to life An interpretation and a medley Installation art designed with words Emanating from the artist’s soul Fluid emotions expand languidly Like a flower blooms with interpretations Charismatic prism of the mind reflects colors Like stained glass patterns, a kaleidoscopic wonder© Continue reading Art with Words