The Eccentricities (Poetry)

People are eccentric in their argumentsAs if the morning light found itself trapped in darknessTill afternoon rolls in and the reveries become more bold, filled with odditiesYet to come out of the leaningsThose who cannot afford to play with light and darknessEnlightenment becomes a mere amplificationAn erroneous judgementFrom hearsay, they try to touch the soul of pure judgementFailings and failings, the rapid change in movementLife … Continue reading The Eccentricities (Poetry)

Observing from a Corner

From the corner of life From frozen dreams Reality dawns passive days Stays longer with me Change is like an unknown particle Schism of life- two dimensions Eyes straining to see between them Looking for a clear passage Journey without images, definitions Traditions and numbed busyness A frozen soul packed in stereotypes Seeking warmth, love, an embrace From a world that is in dreams Pristine, … Continue reading Observing from a Corner