Looking for Calm Times

No one can decide the calmest of times Until the heart feels it is time to deviate from this path Time gathers like a cloud, only to threaten A quivering moment speaks some uncomfortable truth Looking at the clock is futile Time is completely out of breath; the way seems  Startling! The alarm clock is jarring Stretched comfort, the body feels the weight of it … Continue reading Looking for Calm Times

Without the Words

When the words fall off from the mind Only neglect, and heaped with offensive unrest Reverberations of an antithetical tone Hunger of the soul becomes stronger There is no chance of filling the void Underestimating before understanding There is a hurried mindset that races unsafely Critical, clinical, cynical, and controversial A compromise too fatal; one unable to fathom Entire being sobs acerbic tears  Confidence, a … Continue reading Without the Words