Sublime Night

Night does not obscure my dreams Looking up to the stars to guide my heart Discern the unrevealed contours of life A soul explains existence Akashic records narrate the purpose Concentric rings of light  Enthral the senses with blissful emotions Dawn in the heart Night’s ambience is filled with dreams Celestial voices chant Divine hymn Differences and distractions disappear Life’s Oneness surrenders forever© Continue reading Sublime Night

Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness Waiting for the Moon to bathe them In pure illumination of Divine light Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them Tallest branches of trees signal When lovers walk out in elegance Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos … Continue reading Night’s Eloquence