On a Different Trajectory

Feels like emotions are on a Ferris wheelLike another world revolving in the opposite directionEveryone spins, within, it feels sick to the coreIn the distance they cheer…feels like taunts, I do close my earsMy eyes see through the confusion, my soul pulled in by a forceIt is a fierce resistance against all the materialistic lureHere, freedom denied, but regained only after deathReturning to the depths … Continue reading On a Different Trajectory

Learning to Know

It all starts with thy shadowsLittle unbalanced steps and curiosity It’s gestures were reassuring, sometimes felt like mockingDarkness has a mischievous sideKnowing yourself, that concept never occurred until time filtered the realityFinding oneself alone, there is enough time to think of a panoramic view Not everyone will be destined to write a biography A world that forgets the presence and identity of an isolated soulCalculating … Continue reading Learning to Know

Facets of Reality

Reality slants, tapers towards a fading horizonAlmost the truth, but not enough, it has troubled the conscienceThat space between contradictions, clashes of realityChased by rude awakenings and nights transmogrifyInto another dimensional glitch, embedded within dreams Prepared by the past, rushed into an amorphous presentHesitant future furtively glances at the hurried consciousnessDiscontent, amidst insinuations,slippery descent towards anonymity-Amitav Chowdhury Continue reading Facets of Reality

Time Before Nothingness

Dreary dreams demonized in details, an early warning echoes Strayed communications, the bilious environment, time defeats all Perished once, they come back in dreams, even shapes the future Dragging the suffered time once again, like a heavy shackle wound around reality One looks at the depths, some stare at the skies, unaware of what lies within Like lost traveler asking for directions; but unaware are … Continue reading Time Before Nothingness

Upon whom you Trust

“Trust me”, I had said at the beginning, the spilled laughters and stern looks created a divide Realizing, which side of the divide I was in; reality setting in, but receding like magical sand dunes Looking for truth in the reflections of a mirage? Yes, the least troublesome would be the truth that destabilize the paranoia Looking away while trusting, interestingly, the fissures had always … Continue reading Upon whom you Trust


On the deserted land, barren and shamed, hoping for the return of pulsation Ears on the ground sometimes, looking East, days collapse on the West’s tired cradle Hopeful of the night, fewer stars, a confused and tired soul wishes a clearer sky Dense consciousness, lonelier stillness, closed eyes and prayers in the heart Waiting to reconnect, retrace the paths forgotten over time, historical blunders Passages … Continue reading Pitter-patter


I am busy with the characteristics of being extremely laid back during a busy time Over-embellished designs to keep time, faltering at the original concepts of existentialism Just being there, peeking above the haze, even down there, the earth does not divulge much An ornate interface that displays reality, errs, the overemphasized concepts defy the truth Staring at a screen full of disinformation tickles the … Continue reading Atrophy