Nothing Unusual, But Disconcerting

Bones may not bear the thoughts of ancient times Growing up with a sense of lacking a tradition Adhering to so many images that were uncomfortable Temporal dreams gather and form a cloudy weather It becomes a reality- the senses also feel convenient Of accepting the ephemeral tradition, not of antiquity Contemporary thoughts deficient of timeless purpose Rushing to form an opinion, a complete meaning … Continue reading Nothing Unusual, But Disconcerting

As Stories Unfold

Windows lament the gloomy days Missed opportunities to hear from the travelling winds Sometimes they mumble after a slight push Lonely for now, they have no new stories to share Out there, the busy world walks in an orchestrated way Empty seats and abandoned dreams Some forlorn faces, but most of them are stoic Different dreams rush past similar paths No glances are exchanged in … Continue reading As Stories Unfold


Viewing through the loupe a mind is exposed to the intricate facets The eyes resemble an orb from the impact and mesmerising details Entire world seems to slow down and even shuts up the nonsense Succinct details of celestial secrets dance around in euphoric state Considering, the untold and undiscovered knowledge is life altering Hypersensitive reactions are ameliorated with the right knowledge ~Amitav Continue reading Viewing

As the Eyes See

The eyes have become adept At viewing things collectively Often missing the finer designs of life Consciousness muddled with imageries Drafted with a plan to confuse Engineered to narrow the field of vision Conceptual structures on abstract foundations There is no way to know the legitimacy As rubble they will lay in heaps Where old desires are abdicated  New biases will be construed Cutting across like … Continue reading As the Eyes See