Weakening Perception

A thin perception of poetry has long been the cause of worry among poets. It takes a lot of labour to compose poetry. When poetry is presented, that is classically articulated, with poetic vocabulary (readers abhor the use of rich vocabulary, poetic language, the embellishments, and intricately written lines) because it makes poetry mysterious and difficult to interpret. This is the era of speed-reading, which not only kills the appetite to understand poetry but also tires the mind.

When poetry is being composed in an unhurried environment, it assimilates the changes (both visible and inconspicuous ones), it is a major blunder to read or glance over poetry. I have experienced, readers picking up a ‘phrase’ or a sentence to interpret the entire poetry. The composed poetry is being fragmented at will, severing it from the root, disrobing it, and trying to destroy its essence. The degree of interpretations of poetry will vary, no doubt, but the type of comments that are thrown rather inconsiderately belittles the effort of a poet.

Poetry is being taught clinically. It is more of a curtailed discussion, without visiting the history of poetry or even trying to understand the culture of poetry across the world. There is a lack of interest in delving into different types of poetry. The interest in poetry has to be cultivated patiently. In this fast-paced world, the reality brushes past a creatively written poetry; only to leave tactless marks on the poetic soul. Annihilating something beautiful and delicate is easy! Such is the fate of a beautifully crafted poetry.

It often starts with sarcasm and then leads to personal attacks on the poet. Most of the poetry being promoted and published is a nothing but a literal narrative (devoid of any poetic value, as they lack the creativity to use language). Poetry has become unyielding- unfortunately, reading through the firm composition does not evoke any passion. There are no striking images to take the serious poetry reader on a wonderful journey. Now, there is an abundance of poetry, but a serious lack of prolific ideas. It does not augur well for the culture of poetry when it deals with the repetitive and uninspiring thought process.

Poetry is ailing for a long time! The discussions around poetry are becoming feebler, but the absurd comments are becoming even more common. They will try to unsettle the flow of poetry and continue the tirade against a carefully crafted poetry. Poetry that does not have a philosophy and a soul is somewhat like the impassive world that fails to impress the consciousness. Such proliferation of poetry without the consciousness to acknowledge the glorious past and poets’ effort (who meticulously creates from the pages of life) is a sign of diminished ability to accept the poetic culture.


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