Why the Criticisms

People abhor criticisms and people who have been thoughtfully criticizing (they are never addressed as critics, but unwanted judgemental people), pointing to a course correction for humanity; be it in educating more than the institutionalized lectures, to understand human feelings more compassionately, to communicate with people without partisan views, who can enhance your knowledge and vice versa.

Remember, before any religion, politics and business, it is human relations that were established, much earlier than industrialisation, the machine era which forced humanity to follow the clock and timetable. Suddenly every aspect of life became mechanical and feelings more synthetic. That’s how an entire world got busy, still is, but slowed down by an unfortunate pandemic that has been mercilessly shaking the core of human beliefs. All of a sudden, the entire routine that humanity eased into have been pulled apart by new set of diktats, of which, people, the majority are just adherents, not participants in the planning process. Their world shrunk, now staring at the walls, and there are so many across the world from the conflict zones are facing a dual tragedy. Where do they wash their hands, get their next meal, and most importantly, care for their elderly and children who are more vulnerable? Then there are shattered dreams, economic crises, homelessness, substance abuse, alcoholism, crimes where homeless people are targeted. Where do they find themselves during a pandemic situation? So all this I am writing and sharing will read like criticism for many, for a few, may be not. I may also be labeled as a judgemental moron who sees the world with a dark perspective. So be it! I do not require validation, never have sought such favour from anyone.

Now that the so-called modernised world is exposed of its weaknesses, the failure of institutions and infrastructural inadequacies. We’ve been starstruck, spending on space missions, whereas, the space closer to the ground, inhabited by insecurity and high strung people, suffering intolerably from intolerance, parochial behavior, people are labeled and discriminated rather casually. The criticisms are not casual, but observations, not to call out individuals to shame them. It is a collective fear and workings of a great manipulation to further create differences and animosity between the haves and have nots.

Those who say they never judge are lying, in fact, the live in denial, under the canopy of a ultra-moralistic perception of humans and humanity. If they were not judging, how are they successfully identifying people according to their social status, religion, beliefs and not purely on the thoughts people carry? It is not gratifying at all to criticize and point out the contradictions, the repetitive mistakes, the cliches attached to humanity, as were passed down by generations.

I hope, this pandemic, while people are in their homes for about 50 days now will have found time to introspect and connect with people from any state, nation, country across the world. First, we have to set our nation in order, where we can justify that we all are rooted to this land, we are connected and interdependent. If this crisis can teach us this, we can usher a really progressive world; not mechanized, with natural feelings and genuine compassion. For that we have to keep questioning every diktat and bring in a reform in thinking collectively.

6 thoughts on “Why the Criticisms

  1. This was a beautiful read.
    Here is to the hope that this pandemic prompts crisis learning of empathy and compassion among us, leading to a better, kinder world ahead.

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  2. Have to agree. Often wonder about people who say things like, ‘we should not label others’ and then start a discussion on whether they are pessimists or optimists. Or, ‘we should be positive.’ What does that even mean? You cannot legislate feelings. They are in denial. They are scared of themselves.


    1. We’ve mostly work with borrowed perspectives. Our intrinsic opinions and feelings are weakened through the ages. It’s a kind of artificiality, with such superficial consciousness, added with traditional biases makes it a conflicting world. To arrive at genuine original opinions and unbiased criticisms, we have to first become aware of the capabilities of our mind. Immense possibilities, but humanity chooses to squabble over everything and create an unsafe future.

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