There is Fear

Oh-so incredibly perplexing the order of the events

Tired of rearranging them; they settle on their own

On unsettled segments created by irregular lines

When boundaries look like feverish insecurities

Unfamiliar nights vehemently lure the restless soul

There are no remedies for a trembling world

Shrouded in the inscrutable mystery of incognito time

Stillness of the watches bury the vibrancy of life

Living through laboured breathing; afraid of being heard

If they invade the distressed reality again

Nature feels like a giant painting- filled with intolerable colours

Anxiously squeezed from the soul of Earth

Preserved in artificial hatred; to paint dissenters’ demands

The morbid ecstasy arise from a delusional night


4 thoughts on “There is Fear

  1. Amitav, your writing is so powerful. I can really feel the chaos within and around us by reading this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful writing with us… Sometimes poetry can speak to our hearts more deeply than anything else ever could. I found solace in your words, because I felt that I am not alone. We are all fighting what’s out there, and what’s inside of us. Still, I hope there are better times ahead.

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    1. Thank you so much, Liz. Really appreciate your kind comment on my work. It is this turmoil that inspires poerty; a reflection of the world. I hope, we can overcome the challenges and experience a better future.

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