Last Taste

Waiting for the slow dribble of remnants, of feeble emotions Once gained momentum like the gust from an unknown world Irresistible, after the defenses were breached by the strong spirits Entered life with a purpose, but the seasons changed abruptly Without the warning of the approaching challenges, the ensuing struggles Once adorned with fresh garlands, but they withered and vanished Like fragile particles that would … Continue reading Last Taste

Between the Heart and Soul

Things that the heart loves may not be kind to the mind Even, antagonistically scheming toward the soul Loses significance in the fierce love for some extrinsic transitions Short-lived ecstasy does not satiate the eternal soul Temporary does not have the time to mature with the seasons For, every season’s transience births another surprise Life settled in realm of true love can live the freedom … Continue reading Between the Heart and Soul

A Feeling and Commotion

When we do not comprehend a feeling We become obsessed with it and scrutinize Mere superficial curiosity translates to various definitions On the stilts of words a feeling called love travels Navigates through treacherous terrains of complexities A pure feeling is jolted to the core across tumultuous journey None realizes love beyond the physical Till then the commotion with the feeling will persist Love has lost … Continue reading A Feeling and Commotion

Love and Attraction

Love goes through an identity crisis as it is relegated to the definition of attraction. Eyes are quick to jump to conclusions and convinces the heart to believe the feeling to be love. Attractions are ephemeral and soon vanishes into thin air, exposing the reality and leaving the heart vulnerable. With self-realization it becomes easier to comprehend true love and come out of the projected … Continue reading Love and Attraction

A Face among the Crowd

A face among the crowd Looks so familiar, although you’ve never met The eyes sparkling with clarity Exceptional radiance inspires your eyes To hold the attention of the gaze Look through the window to discover another world Innocence does have a strong hold on the heart The crowd around soon starts to blur As you notice the genuine smile Subliminal messages are exchanged to attract … Continue reading A Face among the Crowd


Attraction can be a fallacy Forming a perception A visually crafted persona Reflecting the inner phenomenon In an exalted state of mind Overflowing with desires Contrary to the true dimensions That remains inconspicuous A mind’s disproportionate projection Brings out the dominant traits of the self Through the prism of an opiate imagination Assembling the outside image According to the guidance of superficial consciousness Later, to be … Continue reading Attraction

Poet and the Blank Pages

A poet cannot bear To stare at the blank pages For eternity It’s like a mutual attraction Summons the poet every time To pour feelings of the heart The deepest secrets of the soul Muse seems to be generous Blessing you with inspiration The right words to portray Subtle feelings and desires The poet’s uneasiness is palpable Until the words have found meaning And expressions … Continue reading Poet and the Blank Pages