Untimely Sunset

Losing the day too early amidst a chaotic tide There is no time to gauge the moment and gaze beyond Stricken with melancholy, the ill-gotten sentiments rule Unseen sunlight in the clouds burn like trapped embers The day loses momentum as offensive debates rage Glaring reflections on tranquil rivers are harsh reminders Clocks die down one being caught between flagrant time Uncanny isolation by strange … Continue reading Untimely Sunset

Unfair Ways

When fear stops you from allowing freedom into your life Thoughts caught in the fences, and the air feels stifling Freedom of the valleys is restrained… only helpless stares Contrived opinions from the other side of a divide are painful While happy dreams float around in a liberal world There are indecent ideas also to contradict and defeat the purpose Of a life complaining, gasping … Continue reading Unfair Ways

Listening to Nature

Be still! Nature whispers to the souls to awake After days of struggle, it might be the opportunity To listen carefully and interpret the future that waits “Beyond this, there is another reality”, says the consciousness Come out of the dwellings, free the hands of instruments The confluence of pure awakening will guide you Human understanding and worldly fury is no fate of humanity Been … Continue reading Listening to Nature


How long can one nibble at the hollow words? Even the insects change their course when the hollow pass leads elsewhere for interesting food Powdery remains of those words float around on spilt ink An unwilling pen won’t satiate its thirst with it, for fear of clogging its senses Last drop of feelings are overused, and the dry patches of pages aren’t impressed Choosing between … Continue reading Hollow

Scattered Thoughts

The fate of those scattered thoughts and dilemma over their future Whether to relinquish power and let them disintegrate into million pieces The soul feels lighter due to a sudden decrease in emotions; less to worry about Relationships and their binds aren’t easily severed A realisation comes much later, and with it follows the lengthy composition of dirge Praying for mercy from the void; there’s no … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts

What to Embrace

To perish embracing the convincing lies Or, face the wrath of life for moving away from them and nurturing the truth Life has many faces; their reflections are distorted because of masks Whom to believe? Whose dialogues are honest and worthwhile? Not because it augments material wealth, but honesty pays with hope That indestructible mind comprehending the many facets of life Honourable! Not a hypocritical … Continue reading What to Embrace


If the words are critical reflections Their reflections may be offending and scathing At least they speak the truth A much-awaited reprieve from the hackneyed There is no use postponing the truth When it is known, yet, ignored What foolishness Allowing lies to weave cobwebs Like wily and patient spiders  Waiting to impale the truth  Suck out the juices and create morsels Gulping them down … Continue reading Critical

Direction and Purpose

Roads do not lead to destinations anymore Interferes with journey as they abruptly cut across With the swash of a lethal sword severing the purpose Within, there’s the jangle- outside reality in a duel with resilient mind Paths of extreme delirium stumble upon each other  Winding, straight, neglected, and even the reclusive roads  Busy ones are abused and obey the fate even after being pulverized Pensive faces … Continue reading Direction and Purpose