Cross the threshold to walk back to the solitary soul being deprived of sonorous sayings Because the fight on the other side have been too intense; it’s time to take away the sceptre from haughty hands Feeling uncomfortable amidst the artificial comforts of well-spun reality, where cities flounder every moment Distracted by the frivolities and frolicking chapters of stupor in full view of impressionable eyes Where … Continue reading Threshold


The door wooden, with sullen look Guarding the insipid dreams and spiritless life Eyes, oblivious to the light that brightens new day Frosted windows reminiscent of repentant breath  Feeble fingers draw patterns to peek at the world When the race has depleted the vitality of life Inspiring negative energy to afflict the aura When it’s always about the ‘I’ but in comparison Loss of identity … Continue reading Confines