The door wooden, with sullen look

Guarding the insipid dreams and spiritless life

Eyes, oblivious to the light that brightens new day

Frosted windows reminiscent of repentant breath 

Feeble fingers draw patterns to peek at the world

When the race has depleted the vitality of life

Inspiring negative energy to afflict the aura

When it’s always about the ‘I’ but in comparison

Loss of identity amidst malefic impact of universe

Eyes are wide awake, yet, the consciousness in slumber

Wooden door stubbornly shut due to fear

There’s a piercing pain that keeps the soul on edge

Impulsive pleasure makes life invalid

A heart expresses apathy and curses the loneliness

The crowd blurs and creates a hallucination

Behind the wooden door, pacing up and down

A spirit trying vehemently to comprehend life©

39 thoughts on “Confines

      1. Again, a thank you for the compliment. Well, I guess apart from our feelings we writers do perceive/feel the sentiments of people around us and in society. Reflecting on them and presenting with metaphors softens the raw sentiments; that’s what I feel.

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      2. In a way I am honored and feel that readers also contribute immensely to a writer’s growth in the journey. It is their likes and comments in support of the work, which makes writing an enjoyable experience.
        As I mentioned before, I have been inspired to write an entire article and poetry from the comments which I have received. This is what makes a meaningful experience.

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      3. In fact, I would urge you to write more. You have so much to say, I know, just write down the words that come to you. Trust me, words from the heart are trustworthy messengers to fill the blank pages. 🙂

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      4. True! I must write more often and learn even more. There is such crisp literature out there that I haven’t even read. I learn so much from you blog too. 🙂

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      5. Absolutely, go for it. Carry a small notebook and pen and write down your ideas. I find tabs and digital devices to write very clumsy and uneventful. Does not inspire me at least. 😀
        I share what I comprehend and if you find them useful I am more than happy. 🙂

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      6. We are all amateurs, I will explain why (not to offend other writers) we are always learning and with every learning, we become a new person and our approach toward writing improves gradually. Writing is a time consuming and patient exercise.
        I never feel satisfied with my work, but having said that, if someone asks me “Would you read what you are writing?” My answer would be “Absolutely 100%”, If I were not convinced about that I would not present my work to my readers. 🙂 Dissatisfied because there’s so much to learn and to write about. 😀


      7. Well, that is a really wise perspective.
        Indeed, we can’t be “experts” in writing until we are experts in living. Which, I feel, isn’t possible.

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      8. Well, at least we can explore the possibilities, gradually. I am not saying it will be easy but for writing’s sake a writer can transcend the boundaries. 🙂 Trusting the instincts to gather knowledge from ‘nothingness’ is a challenge for sure.

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      9. Right. A writer should not be afraid to wander unknown lands of feelings.
        I have gotten so attached to this blogging atmosphere that I fear what will be of me when I don’t find the time to.

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      10. Wings! Well, so you have the liberty to fly to unknown destinations and you have a definitive edge over other writers. 😀 Yeah, try building a chocolate factory venture. LOL Many souls need chocolate.

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      11. Haha. I am soon going to buy a chocolate farm which you are most welcome to visit! And remember, I still have wings. 🙂 😀

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      12. Precisely!
        Our thoughts are the one thing the world cannot see and thus cannot fine-tune for its own liking.


      13. It is a wonderful series. At one point we start wondering if it is for real. And those black dresses and stern expressions! Absolutely mind blowing.

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      14. YEah, I may not mention the source of inspiration, as it could be a few comments or just a single one, so, it is also interesting to compose something from someone else’s perspective shared over a comment. 🙂

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