The door wooden, with sullen look Guarding the insipid dreams and spiritless life Eyes, oblivious to the light that brightens new day Frosted windows reminiscent of repentant breath  Feeble fingers draw patterns to peek at the world When the race has depleted the vitality of life Inspiring negative energy to afflict the aura When it’s always about the ‘I’ but in comparison Loss of identity … Continue reading Confines

Evening City Life

City lights brighten up life for long hours Infuse life with extra dose of radiance Squinting windows of modern architecture Reflects the monotony of everyday extravagance Shiny strip of boulevard awash with busyness Even the rains could not keep away the crowd After a brief respite, city life magically awakens So many footsteps chronicle the journey Skillfully maneuvering through life Weariness is suppressed to go … Continue reading Evening City Life

Child and the World

The child has no more questions Feeling bewildered with the mature world Everyone busy running around in earnest There are so many distractions; with more to follow Fierce competitiveness among the grown-up world Trying to be in the race to finish, in a single lane Tensions build up like concrete walls all around Where grown-ups are confined with prejudices The child is left alone to ponder … Continue reading Child and the World