The Narrative

The Universe inscribes sacred narratives

Mostly they lay undecipherable as we aspire to create reality

From antiquity, where there is no relevance of time

Space is the fluid world, its depths and expanse unfathomable

Core knowledge of life is not happenstance but a perfect idea

Communicating the progress to maintain equilibrium

Sacred narratives when deciphered by the silence in nothingness

Where life has more relevance, and without distractions

Illusions are a decoy and life gets entangled in labyrinths of dreams

Induced urgency to exist with this incomprehensible uncertainty

Repetitively confused with the world designed of reflections

Perspectives tinged with hues of arrogance due to exasperation

Measured environment cannot accommodate eternity

Every combination will yield the results that will deceive further

Be closer to the self and focus on the narratives and signs

Meditate on the knowledge that is already there as a gift©


10 thoughts on “The Narrative

    1. Thank you so much, Mona.

      I am happy, you enjoyed reading the poem.

      I can understand it’s sometimes difficult to express them in words.

      But, I will always thank you for your appreciation of my work, that’s very kind of you. 🙂

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