Finding Yourself

Ever get tired of finding yourself?

When they insist that you are hiding something

If you say, “Nothing”, they look at you compassionately

With disbelief within; for they are reflecting on their perception

To create a persona they wish to visualise

For it to be the final version, in their eyes

Plenty of erosions and aberrations, cliches and tightfisted comments

Where the hell are you in all this?

As if you have locked something and forgotten

They claim to have the keys- a bunch of them actually

A feeling of being incarcerated, despite the dreams of freedom

Confused eyes convey the contradictions

Finding yourself amidst the artificial mirage


7 thoughts on “Finding Yourself

    1. Very true, NJ. It is more about staying away from the lure of everyone’s perceptions of you, and trying to be just you. Although, it is a triumph of will to find the real me amidst muddled thoughts of the world.


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