Lost Poeticism

Words bloom later, seasons and poets have drifted apart Poetic emotions lose relevance, like a lost child in a busy street Far away from home, mixed feelings about the indifferent world Where is that romanticism of life? Ossified heart have fallen into a deep chasm, feels no more Love does not pulsate anymore; it’s a ritual, a mere symbolism Comparison with proximity, but there is … Continue reading Lost Poeticism

Of being Stuck Somewhere

Sometimes time is like an emollient  Sometimes it is like a furious knife  The places are blotchy from harsh lights Weather is not fair either; clingy mess Curious, jealous, and highly corrosive One has to endure that too Heart feels like a guilty tenant Not able to pay the rent with feelings That can ameliorate some of the pain Life feels stuck like a crude … Continue reading Of being Stuck Somewhere

The Demands

If not join hands in reverence, then, does the raised voice demand Instead of greeting the fortunes that were inherited, they are plundered Slips off the slopes of ignorance into a greedy abyss Unprepared, unthoughtful, unrefined- the coarse thoughts make it impossible To exist along the tenets of existence; now, speak of broken promises The canopy of falsehoods was never meant to nurture sanctified thoughts … Continue reading The Demands

Consequences of Fear- The Invisible and Visible

The unseen fear without realising the ghastly consequences All avenues lead the thronging consciousness towards that dilemma Guilty of not joining the commotion? Everything could be wrong if the coercion was unheeded and silence preferred Desires that are passioned like the majestic bull For carnage and mayhem that will follow across the unrepentant annihilation Fear spawns the devilish acts that slay indiscriminately; macabre deeds There … Continue reading Consequences of Fear- The Invisible and Visible

The Reflections

As if the Moon decided to not speak with the stars Sullen moments ripple the uneasy tranquility The wide-open windows and doors lean against sulking walls Clouds offend the eternal love moments  Settled in a chair which has witnessed many such nostalgic moments The body cowers each time the heart sends some message Damp light, empty glass, incomplete feelings, bland food Many voices use this … Continue reading The Reflections

A Tired Day

The day wakes up tired with a yellowy sickness No way of knowing the cause of this disinclination towards anything bright Phantom of the night hassled a slumberous moment with persistent ridicule What conspired with the shadow is more than a mere aspersion Is it that constant slander of some emotional feelings felled the weak spirit? Melancholy of weak morning looks like the tired twilight … Continue reading A Tired Day

A Pen

The slant of the pen decides its mood Whether the pages will be slashed or sink deeper  Leave uncomfortable narratives with ink Craftily interprets the mood of the writer Sinewy words could be revived Or, drowned in some agony of disenchantment Chronicle a discourse of human dilemma Reluctant words choke the pen sometimes Only to be deluged with a feisty harangue Black or blue, the … Continue reading A Pen

Words of Falsehood

Those who stand by their promise of delivering the lies Weaves a mask every day with the convincing fibs Parched wound and the wrapped gauze still fresh memories Lies weren’t the sponge that could absorb hurt None can drink from a chasm; an agony of unknown depths Masks cannot mask lies but shorten the lifespan of truth By exposing the vituperative languages and their intentions … Continue reading Words of Falsehood