The Infinite

Pray that you don’t have to justify time From time when you steal the precious moments The word ‘eternity’ seems to be a fairytale  Some unknown philosopher’s diary may have given it away Even, the cryptic hieroglyphs may have spoken silently Off the walls of ancient rituals that still stands Occultists may have had some different experience of eternity Misunderstood by inadequate translation and constrained … Continue reading The Infinite


In the midst of everything Feeling the particles of chaotic change Yet, predestinarianism never leaves the mind Misplaced opportunism to transform Coalesce all the grains of doubts Form another universe  It’s relevance, only a speck of doubt Something collides with reality Probably, others mirrored eternally Morsels of untruths and half-truths Weaken the motion of change Kismet seeks a truthful relationship ~Amitav Continue reading Reformation


Anything that is uttered echoes through the Universe Valiant wavelengths capture the true essence of a thought Weak ones are frivolous vagabonds  Echoes of a pure soul resonate with karmic mantras Transforms the parched lands with verdant emotions Recalcitrant hearts fabricate with antithetical  languages Echoes can be mirthful or annihilate  Reverberations decide the fate of existence ~Amitav Continue reading Echoes

Some Thoughts

Thoughts write fate, decree with events that will unfold Actions crafted in the same mould further emphasise them It is a vision that engulfs every possible thing surrounding life From simple illusions to an ultra belief system of aberrations Miscalculations have been the foundation of pseudo matrix Defiant ideas ensnare through the loopholes of rapid algorithms Depleting the energy as fate of Sisyphus unfolds everywhere© Continue reading Some Thoughts

Pale Feelings

Feelings and aspirations of unnatural kind Thoughts like scalpels finely operate to sever the finer bonds Life is resuscitated with ambitious desires that differ from nature Symbolic oratory propound an aggressive duel with existence Mysterious ideas seeded between the skull arrest inherent logic Life precariously balances on pile of unwanted structures Every design and concoction amplifies the grimace in a soul Pale explanations of misinterpreted knowledge erodes credibility … Continue reading Pale Feelings

Of Feelings

Feelings conceive consciousness Swift subtle motion encircles essence of life Somewhere destiny is planned Carrying memories of bygone eras Origin of new beginning and continuity Omniscient one decides the fate To channelise the birth; lineage proceeds Deeds are taken into account From first till the last breath of existence Spirit is bestowed with tasks To complete the lifecycle From the womb to the deathbed Every breath is counted Actions … Continue reading Of Feelings

The Walls

Grubby hands tarnish the murals Walls push away eager souls from communicating Bathing in lucre; devilish euphoria and sensationalism Gluttony! Overstuffed revelry Delectable moments become insipid with greed Walls preserve the animosity and divide Time to enter into forced disputes Images disintegrate and dissolve in vitriolic debates Grimy hands still wants to nurture love For those who do not comprehend comeuppance Sooty walls reminds of … Continue reading The Walls


Life resides in the darkest corners of mind Expectations of the physical pleasures are intense True feelings leak from the numerous loopholes Leaving the body with miserable thoughts  Obeisance to the cavorting spirits of avarice Weak intentions glance cunningly Emboldening the desires to go astray for pleasure Only the meek inculcates a life of deceit Senses yearn to vandalise life with unnatural cravings Boredom birthed from … Continue reading Expectations

Towards Freedom

It is not about the I But more of a failed promise To live without the encore Of collective decisions Mistakes adjusted Accepted and included False assurances Only led to beliefs Myopic vision Only suffering Reigned feelings Traps of beliefs Promises extracted From undecided minds Mourn the loss of freedom Repent and defend Simultaneous failures Exaggerated claims Stagnation Morsels taste bitter Forced down  To satiate … Continue reading Towards Freedom