Tremulous Light

Tremulous light awaits the night with a hope of salvation A crabby day won’t grip the body for too long Also, the thoughts of spidery stealth have woven quite an entanglement Searching for synonyms of peace confuses the linguist There’s no way out of this confusion that  language can provide Try silence; it could make the hasty world wary of the resolve When conversations die, … Continue reading Tremulous Light

On the Verge of Collapse

Just like old buildings, the thoughts develop cracks; it’s too early to call them dilapidated The foundations are still strong, but there’s pressure from the grouchy crowds to knock them down New fondness for the glistening ideas; although they seem to be flimsy, it enamours the fickle minds Clash of the old and new, but here it is more of a clumsy jostle for space … Continue reading On the Verge of Collapse