Fate Infringes

The loud thud woke up the serenity of an extremely lazy evening. It was not enough for the conspiring world to harass the mind during the brief recess. What could be the world’s idea of life? Is it the composition of individual consciousness conveying their concerns and desires to a life that rushes past? It is interesting to note that every little note that is … Continue reading Fate Infringes


Sunken eyes cannot feel the depth of images that float around Blends with an illusion to birth another one from pithy imagination Realising, the heart has retired to restore its sanity from this chaos Someone has meddled with the consciousness too; now it’s obvious Conflicts of the intrinsic lethargic feelings make the entire body numb An untellable feeling has become a reality as it grips … Continue reading Hollowed

Writing- Past, Present, and Future

Writing is a blessing! It gives the writer an opportunity to chronicle the past, present, and possible future. A sense of prescience guides the writer to live in all three realities. It’s interesting, exhilarating, and tiring while wandering through the realms and spending energy in finding the truth. The relevance of writing encompasses the entire spectrum of life. Understanding the subtle and relentless nuances of … Continue reading Writing- Past, Present, and Future

Absorbing the Melancholy

The damp day feels saturated and the heart feels satiated with joyless sky Looking for some cotton wool to absorb the melancholy from its face There is frankness in the solitude; maybe those who wish to join the conversation Not out of pity or with the intention to label the genuine concerns of an individual As a misanthrope; there are possibilities of generating inimical beliefs  … Continue reading Absorbing the Melancholy