Some Days Linger like an Illusion

Some days are like a phantom image; it is the feeling that cannot be described in words as the muddled mind still tries to tussle with the blend of contrasts. As if the morning is way ahead, and almost about to hand over the reins to the creeping midday.

This lagging behind can obviously have its own confabulations. It’s not the desired bias of a lazy mind, but the inefficiency of time to surrender to the reality. An offshoot of time seems to have lost its way through the quagmire of realities that float around in a bog like consistency.

If feels, the doors and windows fuse with the help of strong glue. Probably, the untruths have coalesced to form such a bonding material to arrest the being within a disoriented world. To differentiate between the subtle transitions as such times is difficult. These moments pin down the progress of life like cut-outs on a soft board. The rough edges jostle against each other to hide the stark background.

The life of messy austerity fails to greet the morning and withdraws from the world to sort out the meanings of illusionary voices. Even here, there is a lesser chance of being heard over the commotion- the chaotic world becomes a nucleus that dissipates life’s energy. The mutability of these moments can open up a vortex of another reality engulfing this one.

When thoughts become corrosive, it becomes difficult to hold on to them, but the mind is a lazy learner. Whatever was heard of the remaining conscience who retired to a dark place to shield itself from ignominy. The elasticity of these times is not going to endure the hubris of a world in denial.


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