What could the Truth be?

When something becomes truth because it is conveniently comparable and the entire idea can be suitably placed with other ideas. The puzzling theory is that the pattern of truth should replicate the perception, acceptance, and feasibility; at times, their correspondence with the community, the acceptable language is also a criterion to choose them.

Often, there are sketchy ideas of truths; from the observed, absorbed, and imbibed- all of the processes happen according to the environment and the type of acceptable appropriation. Although conformity plays an intrinsic, as well as, obligatory role in devoting time to further their cause.

There is a possibility of the truth getting diluted and caught in a predicament in the myriad correspondence with the world; the world may be small or vast, it does not matter, but the direct and indirect influence they have cannot be denied. Truth becomes rebellious when such conformities are unfollowed or someone tries to drift away to seek the other side of truth.

While seeking the various dimensions of truth, we do tend to fall in love with a particular side or logic because it appeals to the intellect and level of consciousness. It differs in larger degrees. The leanings are of human nature to hold on to an idea of truth to conveniently communicate with a group, and in the longer run, with the expanding social circle.

As truth multiplies, there arise various versions of it! Similar and dissimilar patterns are strewn in front of the senses to choose from. It is not uncommon to have a private and public version of the truth- that’s a dichotomous existence. I guess we can never authentically chronicle the multiplying versions of truth and falter while communicating.

We all have an idea of reality, although, the retaliatory effect with it becomes pronounced due to our convenience or inconvenience. Too much of stark reality causes discomfort and pain. Reality dressed in various types of truth is more acceptable as they appear comforting to the senses. We rely too much on the eyes and form a superficial perception of it and form a deep sense of likeability based on such experiences.

There isn’t much of a romantic affair with reality! In reality, the struggles with accepting them become pronounced and squash the chances of living comfortably. While becoming used to the constant struggles it becomes a habitual effort to pull in more such conflicts. The inner conflicts are manifested in a disconcerting way; no wonder, the turbulence triggers a domino-effect to topple over any resistance.

We are more comfortable with abstract art, but fail to comprehend the metaphysical nature truth and its philosophy. Who the hell thinks about the philosophy of truth? It seems quite condescending and boastful to place philosophy in a turbulent world that thrives on chaos. It has penetrated the psyche to dismantle the consciousness that thinks otherwise.

It is often perceived, in such a chaotic existence, that one who does not conform to the conveniently available versions of reality, they represent the idea of anti-realism. Such fissures in the thought process are suicidal for authentic truth. An ambiguous reality is preferable over incisive clarity!

As we look for the special ingredients to concoct a reality, we create a messy and unpalatable truth. Plato’s ‘truthmaker’ theory is to be considered and try to come to a logical consensus about the truthbearers and what actually makes some idea truthful.

There is bound to be incoherence in accepting the concept of real truth and reality, but when it concerns conformity, there is a larger acceptance, without verifying their plausibility. We like to line up the different versions of truth for competitive purpose and relative gains. Coherency of conformity ends on a jarring note!


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11 thoughts on “What could the Truth be?

    1. Thank you so much, Emma! Yes, you are right, “the complexities of truth”. We forget, or become oblivious of the THE TRUTH and concoct the stories according to convenience and conformities. And thus, the search for truth continues, like a mirage in a desert. 🙂

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  1. That is so right that we do tend to fall in love with particular side. Doesn’t it seem that we always fall in love with the side more in our favor. I just adore your writing. Love the last paragraph as well. BTW I posted today but you might not be able to see me anymore in the wordpress read feed which I just came to know as I am self hosted on site ground. Stay connected. I am back to blogging but will be slow.

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