You cannot dictate my dreams, my commitment to imagine beyond this reality forced on me

Fail! But you have not evolved to accept your failures, like each soul tormented at the defeat, yet, rising again to bludgeon my dreams

It’s a dysfunctional spectacle, enough said, what grotesque power can transform those souls into

My love for my dreams, the soul I want to surrender to is beyond the orchestrated morality, the lure and passionate display of submission, a surrendered drama

I have my emotions protected from the debacle, the propaganda and lack of respect, setting up each other to react due to hellish stimuli

No more psychological war, only a clear communication, my literature, I own, as I wish not to cling to the facades and structures

This world here, I do not desire the clichéd failures, the unscientific experiments with an alternate truth

-Amitav Chowdhury

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