Complex Seeking

How does the mind find its way through the darkness illumined with illusions? It plays with the ephemeral images, silhouetted with prejudices. If opinions were credible explanations, then there would have been clarity. The intriguing habit of manipulating with matters churned out in the experimental sarcasm, perfecting the onerous production of fanciful burden. The irate ways and communication blunders create a pattern of a haphazard … Continue reading Complex Seeking

Conflict of Perceptions

Whether one follows the esoteric existence of night or the constrained clarity of day, one cannot deny the dilemma of both. The clashes of realities are a reality too. From this, emerges the onus of choosing one over the other. It can be favoritism or compulsion, to at least make a choice. They try to highlight each other’s perspective through their nature of thoughts. Can … Continue reading Conflict of Perceptions


Without definitions Nobody’s imagination Of a stultified world Nothingness is desired Dreams are mine Freedom eternal Overlooked Not overwritten Thinking In congruence With my heart Erasing fine prints Journey with Honest footprint Broader perspectives Limitless hours Of introspection Without anchors Of perceptions Continuous flow Restful course Destinations arrive They disappear Eternity’s truth ~Amitav Continue reading Without


They float around to compel Thoughts are too lethal To cut through the trickery Oppressively made dull While those eyes glance Afraid of anyone interfering Pushed towards confines Mala fide treatment Strange idea of inclusiveness Socketed ideologies Deprived of light and air Malodorous intent Attacks the senses Afflicted mannerisms Only a passive existence  Uttering in unison Blunt thoughts propagated From head to foot Arrested in deception … Continue reading Influences

Dreams Matter

Dreams; supposed to be comfortable but also exciting enough To keep awake the protagonist, who is eagerly waiting for sleep Are they completely his to acquire? No infringement whatsoever Without battling any claims from anyone or indisputable If there aren’t any accusations of a Faustian deal, it’s commendable  Without invoking the legacy of Hades; the uneasy appeasement Wealth paraded naked as eyes glisten with aroused … Continue reading Dreams Matter

A Destiny

There is no magic balm to smear on the forehead Wishing to expunge the fate that has been inscribed Vague emotions are not enough to ameliorate life It’s an insult to consciousness for listening to chaos Look within! If there is hope concealed in any corner Take time to consider the turmoil and control emotions The forehead reflects convoluted ciphers as fate  Bowing down to the perfidious … Continue reading A Destiny