It’s a Wish

It’s the obscurity of musing heart  Eyes appear to see this heart in different light Lost in the harangue of companions Hoping there is clarity  Array of sentiments fail to communicate Dauntless spirit still wishes for love Amulet protecting from unknown indignations Fervent dreams aspire to be born every day In the invincible cradle of life Let the fire of arguments extinguish Waiting for the … Continue reading It’s a Wish

Seeking Listeners

Not many times do knees touch the ground Walking with unsure steps even when numerous missteps Arrogance or a sense of defeat confronts the heart One who is defensive wishes to face life with weak armours Knees cannot bear the weight of undesirable embellishments Mindless thoughts create a manipulated world around Fidgeting with the resonance of pure aura; weakening presence There is no humiliation in … Continue reading Seeking Listeners

Beyond the Images

I rarely analyze the photographs and their origin,  Glared upon by the photographic eye, to evoke the desired pose Rapt attention at the thought of an expected image already dreamt Life freezes for a moment and flashes of light strike with precise intensity Seized moments, when a mere device is manipulated to deliver the images Even protagonists are not aware of the true feelings, after … Continue reading Beyond the Images


Thoughts steer your actions and outline the avenues Envisages the blueprint of a place where you would dwell Why rush? Allow the mind to travel through the alleys Paths will cross and lead you to intersections quite often Not everything will go according to plan, but prepare anyways Interruptions and distractions, coercive voices will dominate Settle down and feel the armor of resilience protect you Introspect … Continue reading Plans

Phantom of Love

A soul that pursues the phantom of Love An unknown silhouette entices in mysterious ways Credulous soul captures the apparition in imagination Ephemeral desire impels the heart to follow a masked persona Heart under a spell weaves a world of manipulated feelings Along the purlieu of a forbidden territory, nimble feet tread Waiting to surrender to the desires of the phantom Moment’s indulgence draws the … Continue reading Phantom of Love

As Destiny Unfolds

Vehemently we have misinterpreted desire Delved into our ignorance to create caricatures Such divine energy dissipates in superficial pursuits Ignorance paints a reality for us to live with Elysian truth abandons the distracted souls Entire reflection of love and desire is a mirage Weakening souls cannot preserve the sanctity Flames of passion become an uncontrollable inferno Leaving paradise barren with singed hopes Other elements of nature watch, … Continue reading As Destiny Unfolds