The Explanations

As a writer, it is unnecessary to give a lengthy introduction, not a prologue, but a piece giving away vital information about the writing. Sometimes they sound even too apologetic and used as a ploy to attract some sympathy of readers. There is already so much being revealed that it feels laborious to read the main work after an excessively apologetic tone from a writer. … Continue reading The Explanations

Without Introspection

More than the inability to introspect, it is also the misapprehensions and misconceptions surrounding this experience that effectively keeps away an individual from initiating the experience. Yes, it is an experience, a sole journey of myriad experiences guided by the consciousness. There is a strong chance of being delusional at the onset of this journey because so many falsehoods already occupy the crevices of the … Continue reading Without Introspection

Insufficient Explanations

The explanations wear off, casual references wake up dreary reasons Interrogations by wildly confident ideas concocted in the laboratory Contradictions for mere puerile behaviour create a ragged conclusion The inclusion of plenty of audacious conspiracies to outlaw the senses Inherited problems are modified for vilifying the contemporary times Mannerisms and schisms pull away the differences further in a frenzy ~Amitav Continue reading Insufficient Explanations


The greatness of simplicity is often evaluated by the devalued reasons. The fallacy of misinterpreting all the qualities, in fact, undermines the complexities and correctness. Simple definitions of simplicity rarely depict the real philosophy of simplicity. A lot of complex combinations are comprehended to create the simple images of life. The process of simplification that is usually uttered is a hasty combination of suitable reasons. … Continue reading Simple

Without the Explanations

Yesterday was inadequately explained I have to carry on with today- the sweet and sour distractions Simply bowing to the persuasion of time; time and again, the incorrigible one There’s no respite from the unflattering moments of rush Simply, there isn’t any simple reason to unfollow the hastening world Roseate moments diluted easily in the harshness of a strict sun Should one forget the happy … Continue reading Without the Explanations

Explanations Sought

It becomes difficult explaining or justifying the disorderly pace Seems haphazard to the methodical world Difficult it is to remain focused and face those intense waves Reminiscing alone in the shore, away from hustle and bustle of calculations The measure of dialogues and evaluation of feelings are tiring Only this much in return of that much is a relationship too much to comprehend Creative vagabonds … Continue reading Explanations Sought

Explanations not Enough

The inaccuracies exist in spite of all the fervent explanations Longingly, the convoluted lines tell similar stories to enwrap minds Efficiently improving upon lies; the ultimate investigative gaffes Voices behind the words are rarely accessible for a dialogue Frantic dreams of legitimising existence with audacious claims But leave it to posterity to reveal the truth from collection of deception The last word will trigger a … Continue reading Explanations not Enough

Time and Again

Do not exploit literature with oversimplification It’s the journey of a mind along with necessary words To grasp the soul of life and narrate them with relevance What has been done or will be done by mankind is transient Straitjacketed words do not justify the flow of life Essaying the contemporary with universal relevance isn’t easy Transforming the experiences and observations is a task Only … Continue reading Time and Again

Frail Meanings

Lost efforts of lengthy explanations, blurry trails of words  Ineffective and incomprehensible ramblings creates an unnecessary flurry Feverish heart complain about lack of clarity, yet, there is urge to articulate Standing on a decrepit deck to test the tenacity against an undercurrent Unknown and purposeless foundation with decaying wood  Barely withstands the flow after compromising with unfriendly tides Grey mists obscure the vision of far off lands, familiar … Continue reading Frail Meanings