The synchronicity of these thoughts rises above the disharmonious and acrimonious environment. Somewhere there is a plan to bring them together and exchange conscious observations through an ecosystem impenetrable by any disruptive forces. Now, the truth will be purified to test their resilience and potency. For multitude of lies, there is one drop of truth to obliterate the negative energies. It isn’t an easy task … Continue reading Synergy

The Narrative

I could be the insignificant narrator Settled somewhere with unsettled thoughts- a constant tussle but not really a hassle But the dimensions open up like a splendid Lotus  Only to be visible and relevant for few hours, before another reality presents itself So much to consider before soaking the words in mellifluous reality Witness the charismatic transformation with each passing moment Communicating with eternity’s spectacle … Continue reading The Narrative

Far Wanderings

When you call out my solitude do you have an idea to replace it with enhanced happiness More of euphoric vitality that the soul experiences due to the solitary journeys with vibrant thoughts erasing unnecessary lethargy of discussions It’s a privilege I cannot deny the heart and soul by populating the mind with busy hum of discontent and distraction  This self is not singular, but … Continue reading Far Wanderings


Seeking deathless moments in transient feelings Cosmic nature contradicts the rueful utterances Auspices of eternity isn’t gathered with mortal hands Prescience descends to settle on noble minds  Whose eyes are not distracted to introspect on frivolity Purity and compassion shines from every facet of soul Reuniting life with timelessness of cosmic love ~Amitav Continue reading Reuniting

The Essence

It’s my inability to ascertain the nature of morning’s fragrance Still searching for that particular sentiment After all, defining the ever-changing mood of Universe is inconclusive Enticing the senses at early hours with sonorous hymn A vision transcendental and its eminence visible to an early riser Initial stillness holds immense energy of cosmic brilliance Life’s essence waiting to be held closely by a soul Pulsating cosmos … Continue reading The Essence

Venerable Light

It is not necessary to interpret the vermillion firmament As echoes breach the silhouettes of motionless branches Secret soul reverberations awaken the early admirer Murmurs amplify themselves with the secret prayer Wandering voices gather momentum through the calm Yesterday’s echoes prepare to retire after a long conversation Sigh of relief and a soul buoyed by the playful breeze Sweet sensations play a harmonious symphony Life … Continue reading Venerable Light

In Waiting

If trust is alien in those eyes that stare inanely Suspicion is stronger in the spirit owing last dues Frankly, the sentiments hidden surge ahead In daylight, there is an essence of undeniable gloom Praying for little conscience to seek past negligence For pure love is not the answer anymore Questions undergo sinister metamorphosis Hold closer the soul and protect the heart and mind From … Continue reading In Waiting

Spirit of Light

The power of Sunlight is unrealised in the surge of anguish It is the waking of a body that will be rushed through the day, Without any mercy of a comfortable morning; an irresistible fate The inability to communicate with the wordless dreams Crumpled emotions lay scattered; unmindfully stepped over, Seeking the circuitous path leading to an irreversible existence Irresistible fate lives an extraneous truth  … Continue reading Spirit of Light