Existential Crisis of Writing

Vague communication of writing brings an existential crisis. An unconvincing story or oft-repeated narratives presented in a sensational way does not excite a reader.

A writer has to evolve and resist the lure of clichés and choose the words carefully. The seriousness of words is reflected in their authenticity and originality.

There is an incoherent search for the etymology of words in an effort to identify their origin and restricted usage. Such words can become a recurring impediment while writing. Let’s say, gentrification of words is not going to improve the facade of writing.

Improve on the wanderings and contemplation to enrich the words with meaningful existence in a narrative. The longevity of writing is ensured by a writer’s ability to rise above generalized discussions.

The instant gratification of writing flattery does embellish writing for those seeking immediate attention but forgotten in the same breath. Reading such writing is like inhaling and exhaling.

A solid piece of writing lingers for a long time and serves as an important epoch in the history of literature. It also unearths and uproots the faulty narratives that destroy the rich tradition of storytelling.

Writing should be uncomfortable at times; it’s powerful words and emotions unsettling the platitudes makes writing interesting. People love status quo, but to usher the changes to create a vibrant future, literature has to lead the way.


7 thoughts on “Existential Crisis of Writing

      1. …or we learn how to avoid that which is not, lol.
        Dead writing comes from dead souls and that which is alive, or brings Life, from that which is alive and Life.
        Writing still bares the soul, no matter what is carried inside.

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