Dig as much you dare to stand in the sunken place

It’s a lonely excavation, for there are no real treasures

Like gold and precious stones, but a lot of unexplored knowledge

No curious onlookers around thronging the site

A solitary effort to grasp what lies beneath; within layers

Forget about any eager hand to provide some help

The deeper the introspection, lonelier becomes the world

In isolation, like a self-motivated curious individual, seek

Consider the sunken place as a cauldron of knowledge

Do not look back at your contemporaries who are busy

Or, feel the obligation to follow the order of the age

The endeavour to find knowledge is a precarious journey

Of all that has been immortalised blends comfortably

After being isolated from the criticisms and superficiality

It is not about altering this reality but a choice to know

Reality will dawn with pristineness- visible from this place


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