Lingering Chaos

There is a certain degree of honesty that cannot be repressed when it involves something controversial. That controversy may arise from cumulative negative behaviour. Curiosity about the controversial characters and their deeds become fodder for the minds.

The best part about these controversies is that they can be chewed upon longer. Negativity is extremely resilient and supposedly has the secret juice to keep the minds in a constant state of a self-destructive energetic state.

The life forces diminish after considerably and become a miserable bundle of a contradictory model of grotesque nature. There has always been an excess interest in the negative aspects of society. Whether it is the morbid desire for hate or the constant vilification of the beauty and vivaciousness of life.

The flammability of negativity not only burns a healthy spirit but gives birth to the fiendish/ghoulish spirits; it is the dynamic world of cynicism which feeds on destruction and chaos.

There are special mirrors reflecting those controversial faces and their morbid satisfaction in the eyes. The flames of destruction have sinister effulgence! The hypnotic power of negativity and negative behaviour is well established.

An individual can remain in that hypnotic state for their entire life, for a period of time, and get in or out of that state at regular intervals. When such hypnosis affects the collective consciousness, then it amplifies the defeatist movement.

Coming back to the degree of honesty that arises from negativity, one cannot deny the obsession and continuous peril of such adopted nature. Being a silent spectator, an enthusiastic one at that, there is a latent period which cultivates the accumulated negativity.

After a period of dormancy, there is the phase of rapid discharge of negativity and destruction. The macabre satisfaction of offloading the pernicious behaviour on the gravity of existence not only weakens the spirit but also casts an extended shadow over the future of humanity and their relevance.


8 thoughts on “Lingering Chaos

  1. Brings to my mind an article that I have read recently. The point expressed by the author was that, ‘If happiness is a choice, unhappiness too should be one. There is a sort of happiness in unhappiness that resists the person from changing course.’
    Must be true for negativity too. Powerful, pernicious and pervasive. 🙂

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    1. “Happiness in unhappiness…” well, that grotesque perception is being propagated and even urges the self-victimisation syndrome. As the world plunges into this darkness and negativity we seek the remedies for a disease that is deep-rooted. Unfortunate, but I hope humans will realise that there is much more to life than inflicting pain on the self and others. Let’s hope and pray!

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      1. There is one term ‘ negativity bias’. Things/ emotions/ people/ anything of a more negative nature tend to have greater effect on human mind than those of a more positive nature.
        People are tuned or wired in that way.
        Not being supportive, though. 🙂

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      2. That’s really sad. I wonder what children must be going through and its permanent damage on their impressionable minds. Hope, there is more responsibility towards precious life.
        Thank you for sharing this, Deepa, and it does give me something to write on later.

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