Observing from a Distance

Someone who is essentially tired of the thoughts that float around has to decide on staying back. Allowing them to flow otherwise, because there is no mechanism to create a colossal obstruction to stop their progress. The only and possible thing is to withdraw the mind from the tremendous flow and devastating undercurrent.

It is intriguing that such incessant flow of regressive thoughts are not moderated and does not seem to die down sooner. In fact, they are bolstered by the hysteria around them; that’s how some ideologies not only become relevant and mainstream but are also endorsed without thinking about the consequences.

The idea of condemning the devastations and ongoing mayhem and trying to undo the negative impacts in retrospect is a foolish idea. The sagacity shown is haste, or after a lot of criticism is not enough to control the widespread inimical time. It is adopted as a necessary habit to only interpret those ideas/thoughts and offer ludicrous solutions to a problem. In times of manipulations and easy coercion, there is little scope to step back and make a decision. A majoritarian choice is thrust upon the willing minds; there is no other way, but the only way to surrender to the massive surge of injudicious reality.

Well, such times have always occurred and swept away the tranquillity of a progressive age. Held back deliberately, destroyed at will, and indiscriminately altered reality diminished the consciousness of the speck of consciousness on this universe. It is the fear of the unknown, the insecurity, and over-ambitious plans to deconstruct the Universe that has created ongoing chaos.


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