To Another Year

Trying to dissolve the past moments in a chaotic time

At the dwindling hour of another year that will be a memory

Though it will be tough to place it amidst the bygone years

Difficult chapters and an unbound manuscript written in muddled ink

Another shelf hastily crafted from the decayed wood- sun hasn’t been kind

Neither has poetry flowed generously from the subdued poet

It has been a succession of inopportune years like a heavy crustaceous burden

Lining the layers of life like the fate lines with a deeper impact

Yet another desire to wave at the receding year, bidding farewell to blurry chaos

Seeking solace in the cradle of forever truth, in an eternity that only matters

Hoping the poet will rise, awaken, gather the emotions before they fade away

~Amitav Chowdhury

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