Tough Challenges

Moral ideas are not aesthetic enough for a crooked world. We allow (or are forced to alter) our thoughts, innate character to be transformed by a deluge of external factors with covert plans to alter them irredeemably. Due to such instances, we lose control over the arguments and willingly surrender to the numerous byproducts that appear as sludge amidst the controversial free-flow of nonsense. The experience is like being caught in quicksand. It becomes offensive that people decide to choose the insensitive, irascible, and incoherent way to argue over inappropriate topics. With such arguments, it is impossible to further any knowledge, but does well to progress the degeneration of minds through institutionalisation. The fact that we are losing the ability choose intelligently can be gauged by the the socio-political upheavals that are threatening to erode the aesthetic value of common sense and values.


12 thoughts on “Tough Challenges

  1. Wow beautifully written… But it is not only today… It has been there since (I want to say since I was born) but I know it has been there way before that..
    I can’t change the world, nor do I want to because life is probably meant to be lived with these challenges.

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    1. Thank you so much, Shalini! This malaise is continuous. Humanity won’t learn, or maybe we do not want to. But I feel, as a writer I need to take up such anomalies and at least try. Our purpose and priorities have been diluted with distractions.


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