Uncertain Moments

The trembling words do not embrace the mind dearly

Rarely, they are delightful of the heart’s lovely desires 

Weary days and nights, tiredness takes possession of the soul

Spiritless words scattered here and there- an incoherent bundle

Of denials, futile communications, and tiresome relations

With the uninspired soul that camouflages itself with melancholy

Ridiculing the happiness of nature for being truthfully expressive

Invoking the night’s spirits to soak the night with heavy tears

An early morning smudged with contradictions and insecure feelings

Mournful moments never allow life to breathe without a wobble

Pouring incessant despair into the sparkling creeks and rivers

Woefully cloudy waters absorb the vibrancy and radiance

Like a stubborn fog, the woebegone moments conspires with life

No spirit, no wings, stillness holds captive the soul of winds

An abode that trembles continuously suddenly fall apart


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