6 ways to Blog Effectively

1. Purpose

It is important that you clearly mention the purpose of your blog. A blog without a clearly defined purpose or the one that has too many random topics can make the blog appear unorganised.

2. Reading

Reading will help you with new ideas for your blog. It is often while reading that you will come across something interesting to write about in your next blog post. Even if it is a word, a sentence, or a paragraph will give you the creative stimulus.

3. Originality

Ensure that your blog posts reflect your uniqueness. It is an effort to maintain certain uniqueness when blogging has become so common. Still, it is your originality and the ability to maintain composure in the immense blogging world that will impress the readers.

4. Creativity

Being creative is like a craftsman shaping a blog post with newer ideas from which a reader feels it was worth reading a post. Offer some new ideas to think upon! As you hone your creative skill, you will be more original.

5. Post regularly

Blogging, either it is your passion or hobby you have a certain responsibility towards your readers. If you post according to a schedule you will benefit. With the sheer number of blogs out there, it is easy to become invisible.

6. Website theme/navigation

Choose an appropriate template for your blog. Ensure that your blog template/theme is in tune with your blog topics. For example, if you have a poetry or literature blog you should choose a blog where it is easy to navigate through the content. A content-heavy blog theme will be different from a product (photography, fashion, etc.) based blog.


I hope these few simple points will help you in the blogging journey. Stay motivated, keep sharing your work, and encourage others to blog. Blogging is a wonderful way to be creative and also to learn every day.


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20 thoughts on “6 ways to Blog Effectively

  1. Great and amazing tips though i believe that the first point “purpose” is very subjective. It’s good to have a predefined purpose for a blog to be successful but then it defeats the purpose of being unique and honest. I would say random thoughts automatically gives one a clear purpose which keeps varying day after day months after months. As we read a great variety and get exposed to hundreds of things it obvious to have different purpose at different times where major purpose is still to write. The idea is to keep going and not give up.👍

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Nidhi. You have a point here. But I would say the purpose is subjective is true in the sense, that a personal blog can have different topics, but a business/corporate/branding blog has to have a purpose. I write poetry, about the process of writing, on philosophy, and other topics, which I clearly separate under different tabs. Of course, we will be inspired by various ideas, but there has to be some structure and order in a blog. It should not be scattered and too random.

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  2. Thanks for the tips. 🙂 My blog consists of mainly poetry and musings but sometimes I include humorous posts or photography. Is that too much going on at once or does it work for the blog?

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    1. Happy that you found the tips useful, Carly. No, actually, if you add the pages as clickable tabs (segregated into the topics you wish to write on it won’t be a problem) then it becomes easier navigating. If you visit my website, I have seperate tabs based on the topcs I write on- Poetry, Blogging, Philosophy, Writing, etc…

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      1. That makes sense. I have a section called, “Life and blog updates” which is more personal which includes personal photography, blog awards, etc. Do you think they should be separated even further than that?

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