Valiant Denial

With unholy eagerness, the words were gathered

Their origin and values misconstrued due to a dearth of time

Harrowingly pulled to be presented under the limelight 

When it becomes natural to please the rapacious demands

Indulgence in the superficial composition is a secret joy

Charming they may read due to the heavy adornments

Those you cannot love dearly but eager to release them soon

Youthful exuberance and pressures of time hold the clue

Designs to abduct fame from the progressing misadventures

Only the best survive amidst the erosion of time and age

Destiny circumscribed by the wild desires of mankind

Interpretations require introspection like a profound meditation

Do not alter their meanings to the order of an evil Monarch

Loyalty to the words are not enough when they are wronged

Unthoughtful idolatry means nothing for them in the future


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