When Acquired Prematurely

When one acquires more than required or the time is not conducive to receive those ideas, it becomes a burden. There is a precocious mind contemplating over the prodigious meanings. Yes, they are magnified and becomes more dramatic than they actually are.

There is a clandestine deal to acquire them! A sense of mistrust prevails around a life which is so cryptic, it is difficult to understand their behaviour. The face reveals so less and the reticent body language does not communicate in a friendly manner. A sense of unpleasantness about the daily events raises a storm; quite a difficult moment when they become a regular affair.

Anything indistinct and trivial can also trigger a hellish reaction while the most challenging times can sedate the mind unexpectedly. It becomes difficult to extricate from such a situation because the precocious mind is busy contemplating the imaginary demons who make a special appearance for the devious carnival.

Dancing with them must be a hell of an experience! The world withdraws into a void, where more imaginary characters take shape, and its reality is contrary to the one around. Here, the mirrors are powerful and possess an evil magical allure. The transformations happen within, that’s during the initial phases of withdrawal, but after walking through the portal, the world there has sinister energy to change the original character and replace the void with an alternate spirit.

A spirit who is eager to dismantle anything but won’t assemble, just for the sake of witnessing the scattered parts feel helpless and useless when they are left without any meaning. It becomes a deceitful way to witness the collapse of all existing thoughts. Creating a space to implant another imaginary reality to create a world that is deliberated upon so shrewdly.

Creaky spaces house cranky thoughts! The inability to deal with truth, the premature arrival of extremely powerful thoughts is a disaster waiting to happen. Even before cosmic time could condition the mind, the unseen powers from another reality to remodel the consciousness in a hideous manner.

What is it like talking to the other one who is in the mirror? It is difficult to pick up the nature of language and glances being exchanges, but the wry smile and slimy expressions of the eyes do convey something unnatural. From here the inception of many future events will take place. This is the claustrophobic conversation capsule which will explode with ferocity.


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