When Everything Wakes Up

Rarely the morning sound melodious at early hours

Drowned in despised air, like a thick cloud of sinister age

Who shall wake up to this reality and abandon sleep?

Drowsy feelings wish to hold on to the ethereal time

Only to transcend above the chaos to feel a real world

Mindful of irksome darkness that is yet to go away

Thinking of a day passing uneventfully, with trepidation

Measured steps, an everyday journey across pathways

Familiar designs, in a few chosen colours, feels dull

Murals hide another dimension of a day still unawakened

Attractions wane early; eyes falter over the distractions

Half-awake walk to the predestined destination

Rest of the day has no more signs from a natural world

Feels trapped, life being busy against the primordial will

Everything wrapped in a dream- a common attachment

Truth feels laborious, uninteresting- antagonistic even

At desperate times there is nothing to lean on assuredly

Blank looks, an unreal busy schedule, and temerity


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