Nights are Daring and Hasty

Sometimes the nights are in haste and I have to run my mind everywhere to gather my thoughts

So many of them vanish like apparitions, some of them are sharp, they hurt, others are like healing embrocation, some even the rebels of present times

You see, nights are rarely the time to rest, busier, since the world does not bother about a solitary silhouette experimenting with odd ideas

Darkness erase so much pain from the unnecessary busyness; it’s tiring, trying to explain to the disinterested crowd, the closer circles are like boundaries

Encircling the people, all over the places, maneuvering through their ego defense, some accumulated ideologies, while I try to unload them along the way

Night gives me the opportunity to be unnoticed, the pesky validations slip off the rebellious surface

Trying to pen down some thoughts, usually they do not find credence, essentially more in the age of information wars

-Amitav Chowdhury

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